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Inviting you to discover the Egyptian sculptor Hassan Kamel artistic adventure through selected art works in different medias also trying to inform you with what possible to explain about inspirations and researches beyond that creation case.

The Artist

Egyptian sculptor believe in the specificity of the artistic experience and its connection to the place and its origins extends to all levels of indisputable premises. Hassan Kamel strives to extract the basic values and principles in sculpture and all ancient Egyptian arts. This was reflected in his adoption of his simplistic approach and the exploitation of open and extended surfaces to express his ideas. He reaches the message and the desired expression through the smallest details and surface motions, and through his works he reads the interest in reconciling art with his free image as well as art in his relationship with the community in his field image, using local natural or single raw materials, Especially in the implementation of the general thought and vision of his work.


Three Dimension creations represent how Hassan Kamel see the world around him, treatments for the natural elements tell us the way he understand relations between himself and other objects. some you can read a story through it ...some you only need to listen to the music on the surfaces and forms construct them.


Sometime galleries spaces are not enough to hold your massages to the others . always the looking forward for much more viewers for your artwork .sculpture is more life among nature and humans ,inter active creations are much effective and often open discussions and waves of argues , community is stronger if we connect it with art ,cause art is one of the powers which is concerns of building right society.


Communication is one of the glory aims of art, and if art is the mirror of cultures so it is necessary to exchange around the world. working among public answer their questions let the feelings pass through our bloods increases satisfaction area we stand up. inform others with what you are thinking is very efficient aspect to left out the breaks between them.


Lines and colors are so well needed elements could do things very important for masses and volumes construct sculptures .sometimes they reflect an image separately as an artwork or give a different sound among the all kind of sounds in the total scene of the all art experiment