Galaa Square
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Galaa Square

Galaa Square (TAHA HUSSIEN)
38 m ( Diameter ) - 12 m ( Total Height )
Rose granite & Grass ( The land scape ), Brass ( chinning surfaces ), Bronze (the statue)
Galaa square, Dokki ,Giza governorate,Egypt


The square of the Dean of Arabic literature Dr. Taha Hussein

(Al-Galaa Square)

The Square of the Dean of Arabic Literature Dr. Taha Hussein is a vision that transcends the principle of interest in the direct representation of the personality and transforms the focus from the Person to the affective thought of this Person, including his character. Thus, the site's coordination (The land scape) and the figure of the person both is the subject of the all construction. Together, they share the point of abstraction with the aim of touching a large proportion of the expression of the idea of the square.


The square (design)

at perimeter The design of the square deals with the surrounding architecture, which belongs to more than one model and with different heights and sizes with some independence. It designates the mass of the high part, which interact directly with the surrounding forms, on the basis that it has a different sound. At the same time, it does not struggle with vision with the surrounding environment, which is large and high. This is why the relatively small diameter column is chosen for the ability to break through the vacuum, and also to create a formality characterized by vision that does not interfere with entities Conflicting in most field directions.


Explain the idea of ​​work

In symbolized treatment,The work in general refers to the role played by the Dean of Arabic Literature Taha Hussein and refers to his important role in strengthening the Arab culture and the call for science and knowledge and the level of thought. It is a sign that the circle is always given a sense of continuity and permanence. The italic line, when starting from the inside and ending with the high part, gives a sense of elevation. The structural composition of the general formation depends on the spread and departure from the center of the square in the direction of the upward outward in its visual form, and emphasizes that the range of shapes that start from the inside and climb up to the perimeter of the square circle occupied by granite on the perimeter of the field completely, followed by others center joking towards the focus of work, and here focuses the dimension on the main form or focus of work, which consists of several levels Rising up and down again until it reaches the highest level with its sloping surface, from which the column with the statue Surrounded by the brass halo is a coronation and sacredness, surrounded by four cylinders with a sloping surface covered with a plate of shiny brass, which reflects the rays of the sun in the directions of this diverse mayor to give radiation from the light in each direction goes to the viewer, and these different directions trends surround the statue and given to him And take it from the light, while there are two cylinders on the perimeter of the similarity of the interior has the same bright surface and that tend to tilt in directions distributed on the outer space surrounding the field, a symbol of the spread of science and knowledge from this focus to the neighboring world and apply this image expression on The cylindrical part, which was completely transformed into shiny brass, emanating from the ascending terraces of the walkers. On the column that bears the statue there is a bar of symbols that refer to the aspects of the multi-culture, which combines some Arabic characters in abstract images and between the geometric and astrological symbols in the same formula, and the fact that the symbolic formulation here has a philosophy especially the symbol is always given more dimension Meaning and variety of wording that has meaning readable in any of the languages ​​where the written sentence is given no more than its meaning, while the symbol gives the viewer the opportunity to imagine and imagine and search behind the meaning that refers to a trend in thinking, which is clear from this symbols in their expression on the linguistic side and science.


The statue

The statue has been treated with a logic that suits the language in which it dealt with the all the square composition construction as the whole work has a united vision. The statue is semi abstract on the open surfaces and the simple movements between them to give a kind of correlation between the statue and the abstract geometry on the square land scape. The writer I did not consider him a loss of sight, but dealt with the person I see that he is more visionary than visionaries , he is slim textured and turned back looking at the horizon look exploratory Researcher wearing a symbolic dress combines the robes and cloak and the flag, A tangle of light flying back. The guide of the forward rush and the constant footing, embodies into his heart the book a symbol of the love of science and knowledge, holding it firmly in his left hand, a guide to adhering to heritage and tradition, gently touching his right hand as a symbol of flexibility in thinking and renewal under knowledge Old, and is the philosopher of the Arabic literature Taha Hussein.

Truth Track


Truth Track

(The idea in its first objective is to provide a model that can be considered a useful source for the authentic Egyptian society, without taking into account the material gain but the national and cultural gain).


The project aims to present a contemporary vision for the installation of a sculptural architecture, based on ancient Egyptian artistic and architectural foundations, the spirit of that art is very distinguished in its image meets the contemporary needs, in all possible aspects (according to the vision shown)

Which offers an attempt to touch an equation is very difficult and urgent demand, need people who are insured with this thought, are enthusiastic and bear the calculated risk, which can provide a solution could be a model to follow.

These people have special abilities, having a future vision insightful, the ability to assume national responsibility, and to present models to nations who believe in the inevitability and existence of its unique entity that adds to rich human history

 1- National merit

On the journey to search for Egypt, the constructor... in an attempt to reach her heart ... and look at her real face ... to dive into the wellsprings of thought ... to explore the sources of deep vision.  Bypassing peels and offsetting noise ... in the longing to touch the inside. Return to the puzzling question and hope dreamer. Personality of Egypt, which is present strong in old history, also is easy to be present strong recently, in our time and any time is coming

In order to achieve total dependence on local sources and to consolidate national concepts in the history of Egyptian art, by studying deeply the arts in the history of Egypt, which is considered a comprehensive school combines trends and methods of expression that have distinctive characteristics that do not lack any of the principles and foundations upon which contemporary art depends.

 To the Egyptian homeland, which has a stock that allows it to rely on itself fully in the fulfilment of its needs in all areas, especially artistic fields, focusing on the special balance and recycle it under the current needs and conditions in order to obtain a national product purely his seal Of which the opinion does not miss it..

 2-Artistic feasibility

One of the objectives of the idea is to focus on providing an intensive dose of vision and artistic installation, which is directly related to the national history of the citizen, in a precise artistic formulation, aimed at communicating the concentrated artistic value in a new image, linking the mental image stored in the subconscious, And the picture is loaded Which the recipient wishes, And cannot express and access to it, and from this premise, the existence of the model carefully studied, executed with mastery, competence and respect for vision and goals, would affect directly or indirectly to generations and generations, at the level of thought and visual experience, and establish values ​​and principles we talk about As dreams and hopes are elusive, but they are between the hands blocked by unreal forces.

3 - Economic feasibility

The idea has several aspects that can be exploited in various activities that serve different fields (the public service field - the administrative field - the residential area - the cultural field - the tourism field), which can be guaranteed gain if it is well managed, publicity and presentation appropriate.

The Quadrilateral Fortress


Me in my Sculpture

The recurrent dream of a sculptor is to have what he visualizes in his mind’s eye manifest itself in real space.. To be able to move around it and touch it... To estimate the distance between them.. to look forward to its beginning and end.. to examine it through his eyes and feel its presence as a rival.. to live around it and enjoy the sight of it.

His creation.. this entity that undoubtedly represents the essence of the person in some way .. his traits and attributes.

If this how the sculptor feels towards his works which represent separate entities big or small.. then imagine if the sculptor lives within works that engulf him works that he can walk through, jump over or hover above him.. works that can’t be contained within his field of vision at one instance.. his senses try to embrace it while its surface, infinite and not fully seen screens what’s behind it leaving a lot to imagine.

You are a part of your sculpture. Your sculpture contains you .. your sculpture is your background .. your works are an environment that you created not just a part of what surrounds you.

Your work is not just how you manipulate the medium.. it is not merely a sculptural form that flows up and down.. your work is your way.. your wall .. your statement in this universe.

The Quadrilateral Fortress Project

The main fulcrums that define the interior space of the work is based on four geometrically constructed towers creating the main foyer which is below ground level.

The four towers consist of structural surfaces of a geometrical nature.. formed by a generative pattern that is linked through paths of similar nature and direction in the way they are constructed.

The elevation in the four corner towers is contrasted by the fall in the ground level of the central foyer to emphasize the monumental value of the towers and reflect the horizontal extension of the lower plane from an elevated view.

The architectural structure creates a unique atmosphere that is felt in different angles of the project. While looking down on the project within any level in any of the four towers we are able to see all other three towers with the surrounding secondary supporting structures, which create a changing panoramic perspective to the horizontal plane of the main foyer and to the relation between the successive vertical levels.

The separating distance between the towers and the depression in the level of the main foyer at the center of the project makes the towers from outside of the project appear to interact directly with the sky and separates it from the elements that might surround the project in case it becomes reality.

The elevated structure springing from a point below the ground level through the side planes within a circular path until it reaches the ground level then moves independently from the four corners to a series of elevations through the generation of the geometrical forms and reach different heights creating a variety of visual rhythms.

This is the world that I love to be a part of.. to be in my sculpture.

Peace Representstive

Peace Representative

80x80x600 cm

 Welded metal sheets & bronze & grey granite

Cairo international airport – Terminal 3


Monumental sculpture has created through intellectual and visual inspiration of the ancient Egyptian arts by indirect way. The overall shape is indicating to a winged figure in order to be installed in an international airport space. 

The elements:

  • The wing: During art history wings used to interpret the freedom and outstanding forces in a shape understand visually. When they merge with another figure they give it unexpected power cross over the reality and realize what we cannot imagine.
  • MAAT Feather: An Ancient Egyptian symbol (Bird feather) used to express about the justice and truth through MAAT Feather.
  • Sky line: An Ancient Egyptian symbol seen as Line pended from both left and right ends, gives indication of containing things under it.
  • City plan: An Ancient Egyptian symbol seen as circled shape symbolized to the planning of a town.
  • Stars: An Ancient Egyptian symbol seen as centered shape with five hands in lines treatment.

Composition and meaning:

Semi abstract figure in geometric construction , comes out from a cube imposed rectangle indicated a leg gets a step forward , in the end of the main figure we can see two wings in shape of MAAT feather. All the contents of the figure stand over a cuboid of grey granite, represented the sky space, you can see the stars over the side of the cuboid in different looks , among them the viewer can discover the city plan .The sky line is separating the mass of the main figure from the sky mass.  

The Message: Semi abstract figure winged with MAAT feathers coming over the sky looking forward the cities in order to

The Cache

AWAN 2 (The Cache)

The search journey is still going on ... The lights are always in the imagination

You feel that life is about to come again ... Refusing the call that came to you misleading

You are the one have your dreams.. You are the one collecting your hopes.. You are swimming in your besieged world ... Your world, which absorbs the blessing of the pain

A call still frequent

Lift up the rubble no longer bear

Deep breathe your life needs

I remember all these things ... it belongs to me

I found things I was looking for .. And I'm still looking for other things ... Things I needed one day ... Things I made myself ... Things like you

I was there with it ... and I found it when I wanted it

They Get it out of that gate and no longer come back... Look for it; it is the only way to return

Your Lamp Illuminates your path

  Remove from it the clouds of your confused days

What a long years and its dark chimneys

Forced to be in coma

Come back it is for you

Assemble Yourself and enjoy what you are doing ... Stay here and do not make something take you outside

  He calls you from inside, finds you close... Looking for you so you are in him.